I’m Kansas Ag Proud

I’m very proud of my home state, Kansas and am super excited for Kansas Ag Week. Kansas has a rich agricultural background and is a major producer of our nation’s beef, wheat, corn and sorghum supplies. This week, agvocates across the state will be celebrating Kansas Agriculture. Join us this week in your social media venue of choice for tweets, blogs and discussion about Kansas Agriculture. The schedule is below:

March 14 Topic—General info about Kansas agriculture

March 15 Topics—Kansas has a strong agriculture history. The tradition and way of life of farming is passed through generations and shape the rural culture.

March 16 Topics—How does Kansas agriculture support the Kansas economy?

March 17 Topics—Agriculture conserves natural resources.

March 18 Topics— Kansas farmers use technology in a variety of ways to make their farming and ranching activities more efficient and save money.

For more information on Kansas Ag Week feel free to visit the Kansas Department of Ag website, follow @KansasDeptofAg on twitter or contact any Kansas agvocate. Hope to see you on the web!

Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~