Witty signs at Hyvee

I don’t shop at Hyvee very often, mostly because I am addicted to Wal-Mart but when I do I am always in awe of the different selections of food they have.  Additionally, I always spot new advertising for various products, especially those that rhyme.  Check out the pork promotional below

that is a one-liner stays in your head and is hard to forget! 
When I first walked into Hyvee, I was greeted with this eye appealing sign boasting the fruits and vegetables of a family farm. 
 Supporting family and local farms is important to the agriculture industry and Hyvee wants to make sure customers know they’re purchasing locally grown foods.  Placing this sign right next to some watermelons was a pretty good scheme.
Next time you head to Hyvee, or any grocery store for that matter, check around to see how they’re positively promoting agriculture.
Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~