Baking cakes is as easy as pie

So, I used to think baking a cake was a long, drawn out task.  I was wrong.  Seriously. I spent a total of three minutes last night preheating the oven, lowering the oven rack, mixing the batter, pouring the batter in the pan and then shoving the cake pan it in the oven.  Forty-five minutes later, I took the cake out and propped it up on an empty beverage bottle so it could cool.  It was like I pressed an easy button from Staples.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet caught on, Angel Food Cake #6 is baked and ready to be devoured.  I tried to bake brownies instead because I thought those sounded tastier at the time but they don’t count towards the overall goal of 30, so I abandoned that cause.

I’m not really sure why I’m still partaking in this challenge because Hyatt booked the honeymoon about a month ago – my efforts are kind of pointless right now.  Unless….. he actually booked the honeymoon to Fiji in anticipation of me actually baking 30 cakes. Oh the drama.

Until next time,