Agvocating for BEEF Across Five Nations

I love Twitter — I learn more everyday about agriculture and how to tell ag’s story.  Just yesterday, Crystal Young (check out her blog and follow her on Twitter) shared a YouTube video with me about the Five Nations Beef Alliance.  The Alliance is comprised of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico and Australia and is in partnership with the American Angus Association.  In the video, a beef producer from each country shares their agriculture story by informing you of why they are involved  in agriculture and their reasons for raising beef.  I’m really excited about visiting the Cattle Council office while I’m in Australia and sharing ideas about agvocacy and beef.  Check out the video – it’s very cool.

Thanks Crystal!

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One response to “Agvocating for BEEF Across Five Nations”

  1. Thanks for posting Brandi. I thought it was interesting that even though there are people from across the world in the video they are all in agriculture for the same reasons.