Pork Done Right

So there I was, strolling through the parking lot of Weber Hall when I saw it.  A bumper sticker. Not just any bumper sticker, no no – this bumper sticker was special. Why? Well because obviously it became the subject of this post – gotcha  🙂

I don’t know who drives the Chevy S-10 that this sticker was so happily clinging to but I do know that it sums up the pork industry pretty darn well.

Doing what’s right — not “doing whatever we want.”  A prime example is antibiotic use in the swine industry. Antibiotics are administered to prevent sickness – in some countries in the EU, antibiotic use in the pork industry has been outlawed unless it is needed. In short, no preventative measures can be taken.  Now, there is more antibiotic usage due to the large numbers of pigs getting sick because preventative measures weren’t taken.
Something for ya to talk about at the water cooler today!
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