Vegan Tries Beef

Ok, so the vegan didn’t really try beef, but he did take a tour of a cattle feedlot in Wiggins, Colorado.  To be exact, it was the Magnum Feedyard owned by my friend Christine Gabel’s family.  The vegan, Ryan Andrews, visited the feedyard and wrote about his firsthand experiences with cattle nutrition, feedlot health systems, the myth behind corn fed cattle and E. coli.   You can read the article by clicking this LINK.

It’s absolutely spectacular to see people who don’t eat meat getting a firsthand look at how it’s raised and produced for human consumption.  Andrews stated he still probably won’t eat meat but now he knows the truth about beef production and can say that it’s not the horrific process he previously thought.

I can only hope that more reports are done in a similar fashion.  These types of articles exemplify the food production industry to the urban consumer.  Congrats to Gabel and the Magnum Feedyard on being a shining example of the beef industry!

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