Angel Food Cake = Fiji

What would you do for a trip to Fiji?  Work an extra job? Clean out hog pens?

Would it be worth baking 30 angel food cakes to travel here?

I desperately want to go to Fiji for our honeymoon, but the Ninja is resisting a bit. So, he told me if I baked him 30 angel food cakes (complete with strawberries and whipped cream) before our wedding he would whisk me away to Fiji.  I plan to bake them 5 at a time and then reveal them.  Hopefully, I’ll have them done by December – Fiji here I come! Stay tuned for posts on when I start whipping those puppies out!
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3 responses to “Angel Food Cake = Fiji”

  1. If Hyatt can't consume them all you might send some this way. Good luck!

  2. Go with box mixes, otherwise you will need to get in the noodle making business with all the yolks you will have left!

  3. Thanks for the advice Tera! Crystal — do you want strawberries too?