Earth Day Negativity — Tsk Tsk

Today is Earth Day — the 40th Anniversary actually.  Today is just another day for farmers and ranchers who practice environmentally friendly practices on a daily basis — but some people just don’t understand how hard American farmers work to provide a safe, healthy and CHEAP food supply to our nation and the world.

My friend Alden Haugh, texted me to alert me that some negativity towards our great food producers was happening on a mutual friend’s facebook wall.  I bopped over there quick and was disappointed to see this statement.

I decided that this wasn’t going to go unnoticed so along with two other ag ladies, I posted the truths behind the misconceptions Mr. Sutton obviously has.

Then I went back and added this post about the contributing factors to the Dust Bowl (that he obviously is too young to have actually experienced).

Yes, I may have been wordy but I wanted to get the point across that America’s farmers and ranchers produce a safe, healthy food supply that is very cheap all while preserving the environment. Hopefully Mr. Sutton will contact me with questions so I can clear up the confusion.

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Until next time,