HSUS acting in Kansas!

The Humane Society of the United States has partnered with Humane Kansas (the HSUS of Kansas) to introduce a bill into the Kansas House Transportation Committee to make an ‘I’m Pet Friendly’ license plate.  Proceeds/profits from these license plates will be appropriated to Humane Kansas where the money will be used to “give a voice to the Kansas animal welfare community in the Kansas Legislature” (Humane Kansas’ mission)- a.k.a. introduce bills similar to Prop 2 and other ridiculous legislation that will make life difficult for hard-working Kansas producers.

Don’t be fooled by the “Pet Friendly” hype – I’m Pet Friendly. I have several horses, dogs and cats.  They all have their vaccinations and are warm, safe and dry with plenty of food to eat.  There are plenty of ways to show you’re pet friendly without buying a HSUS/HK license plate. For example
  —- Volunteer at a pound or pet shelter
  —- Donate dog or cat food to the humane shelter in your area
  —- Be a foster parent for orphaned dogs/cats until a permanent home is found for them
  —- If you can, donate a few dollars to your local shelter.

There are plenty more ways to be pet friendly – show off your love of pets through those avenues but PLEASE don’t purchase an “I’m Pet Friendly” license plate.  Combat this legislation by locating your legislator and asking them not to support Kansas House Bill No. 2255!

Until next time,