Science needs to outweigh slander

Meat is not to blame for obesity.  You know this, I know this.  But there are a ton of vegetarians, vegans, anti-ag activists, etc. proclaiming that if we quit eating meat our obesity problems will end.
Take a look at all the fats, preservatives and processed food products in our diets.  One of those ‘heat and eat’ meals can carry over 800 calories (Hungry Man Beer Battered Chicken).  Obesity stems from eating too many calories and not burning them through exercise.  The average person needs approximately 2000 calories per day to maintain their body – the average United States citizen consumes 5000-6000 calories in a holiday meal!  That’s ridiculous – if that doesn’t show that we’re overeating in general, instead of just eating too much meat, then I don’t know what will.

Read this blog post by Raoul Baxter from – he talks about how we need sound science to show consumers that they’re not eating too much meat; they’re just eating too much, period.  Just so you’ll get interested here is a portion of his post:        

“People in fast food sell products people are going to eat and eat repeatedly. Sugar, fat and portion size bring them back. In food consumption, like most things in life, the secret is balance, sometimes even moderation. 

What scientific experiments have been done which shows the effect of a diet that mixes meat, vegetables, fruits and some carbohydrates? Not many. Also, humans are very individualistic in their lifestyles and physical makeup. A diet for one may not work for another.”

I think after reading Raoul’s piece, you’ll start looking more closely at the ingredients of the food you buy.

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Until next time,
~ Buzzard ~